Recent and Past projects

With years of experience in the uk , you may have already seen one of our award-winning projects without even realising it.


Below is a selection of projects of which we are particularly proud. Of course, every project is important to us, but we want to provide you with a sample of the boundless possibilities we can deliver.



Project showcase: challenges and solutions

Royal Sussex hospital in Brighton carry out all internal mastic works 

The three cranes gastro pub in the heart of London’s financial district 

Splash damage game developers new offices in Bromley 

Internal and external sealant work to the new Lidl store in South Ruislip 

Washroom to Amersham field centre 

Sky apartments in the heart of Hommerton 

Marketing office to legal and general housing site consisting of 1000new houses to be built

Ark Byron school Acton 

carry out internal silicone works to all areas windows,floors,sanitary and fixed furniture 

Greenwich gmv  Bennett’s construction carry out mastic work to external windows and doors  

London Bridge urban realm 

carry out sealant works to pavement movement joints 

Carry out internal mastic works to the newly redone Bfi archives in central London 

The octagon Colchester 

carry out internal sealant works to refurbished office and toilet areas 

X sealants ltd had the task of repairing and putting right the mastic Work to the new Curzon Cinema in Colchester Essex 

Vivid homes Aldershot 

we have applied the mastic to both internal and external areas on this huge housing development in the heart of Aldershot 

We have carrried out the internal mastic works to the deliveroo editions kitchens in Leeds,Islington,Whitechape and more ....

Chiswick gate

this prestigious project courtesy of Berkeley home

we was called in to help out with the overwhelming workload and help out a fellow mastic company 

One Hatfield Hospital

we are please to announce the completion of internal silicone to the  operating Theatre overspill and storage areas aswell as the external work to exterior penetrations 

Chorley court Canterbury 

we got called in to carry out all internal and external mastic application to this project on the old Dover road in Canterbury 

Queens Square Crawley

we carried out the expansion joints to the new town square and are pleased to see the town get a nice new image 

University of London

we are proud to say we carried out the new mastic to toilets refurbishments on both the Atkins building and main campus 

specialist swimming pool sealant applied to a private pool located in the Essex countryside 

haute deco chelsea

internal silicone works completed 

To this prestigious shop in the heart of the kings road 

harbour club kensington 

We are very proud to  carry out internal silicone throughout this a list gym gym/spa and celebrity hang out 

Asda brighton marina 

we carried out the 

internal silicone throughout this store during the night

we are extremely proud to be a approved mastic/sealant contractor to the Wagamama restaurant chain carrying out works to stored nationwide such as 

Leicester Square





chawley court cumnor hill oxford

Carried out the external mastic works on this project due to their past mastic man not being able to cope

36-38 penrose street london

we was please to apply mastic to the inside and out of this project in the Heart of London 


carry out internal mastic to new ward


hatfield university

carried out internal and external mastic works 

Broomfield hospital

we were happy to apply the mastic to internal furniture worktops,desks,cupboards ect

Royal wharf

we had the pleasure of

carrying out the  mastic to external windows of this huge new community on behalf of Ballymore 

North west Cambridge 

working on lot1 carrying out glass to glass structural joints to the food store 

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